Stop Information

In order to provide you with the best customer experience, we want to provide you with clear instructions on our dropoff and pickup locations.

Sea-Tac Airport Dropoff Location

If your final destination is Sea-Tac Airport, we will drop you off at the ticketing level in front of your departure airline.

Sea-Tac Airport Pickup Location

Effective May 30, 2017 we are relocating our boarding area from Door 00 to Door 2 on the Arrivals (Baggage Claim) level due to construction in the Door 00 area. Door 2 is only about 100 feet away from the old boarding location, just outside from Baggage Carousel 1. The PA system will not be fully operational until sometime in June, We suggest you wait inside near Door 2 by the windows looking out to the curb. Please watch the time and be ready to board starting at 30 after the hour outside Door 2. Boarding must close at 40 minute after the hour. Our driver can no longer leave the shuttle bus to come into the waiting area. Customers who are running late should no longer expect to receive courtesy calls due to our time limit imposed by the airport.

Watch this video for easy directions to our new Door 2 pickup location.

Whidbey Island Drop-off & Pickup Locations

Whidbey-SeaTac Shuttle has specific stops on Whidbey Island where we board and unload passengers. Please refer to the photos and information provided below. If you require any additional information about these stops not listed here, please contact us.